5 native meals you’ll discover on Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island within the Mediterranean sea. The island is a part of the European Union, however territory is split between Greece, Turkey and the UK. Cyprus is located near West-Asia, however can be thought of a gateway to Northern-Africa. Due to this particular mixture of heritages, the meals in Cyprus is considerably near the meals in different nations it’s associated to, however with distinctive twists that make it value making an attempt. Preserve studying to search out out what dishes you possibly can usually discover on the island of Cyprus.


Halloumi is a cheese that has turn out to be fairly widespread among the many lactose illiberal. As a result of this cheese is made with sheep or goat milk, it has little to zero lactose. The cheese is a semi-soft white cheese that tastes finest when it’s grilled barely on either side. Halloumi is commonly utilized in salads, served with grains, resembling couscous or bulgur, or on a steaming sizzling burger.


This cheese was most likely delivered to the island by the Greek, who additionally use Halloumi recurrently of their dishes. Yow will discover Halloumi in conventional taverns, the place it’s usually served as an appetizer, or as a snack mixed with dried fruits, nuts, olives, and bread. Be taught extra about Cyprus with Cyprusnext.com and discover out why this dish is so beloved amongst Cypriots.

Ofton Kleftiko

This dish has its roots in Greece as nicely. The Greek phrase Ofton means baked and Kleftiko means stolen, referring to the Greek guerrilla warriors known as Klephts who usually stole lamb meat to outlive within the mountains. Ofton Kleftiko consists of roasted lamb leg meat, marinated in olive oil, lemon, garlic, and onion. To avoid wasting the meat juices and protect the aroma’s, Ofton Kleftiko is cooked in baking paper. The dish is commonly complemented by baked potatoes and greens.


Sheftalies, often known as Sheftalia, are typical Cypriot sausages. The identify of this dish comes from Turkish and means peach, as a result of the sausages seem like little, juicy peaches. This sausage was first made on Cyprus and stays one of many nationwide dishes of the island. The small sausages are made with minced meat flavored with an unique spice combine, and stuffed inside an omentum, or caul fats. They’re cooked on a barbecue and sometimes served inside a chunk of pita bread topped with salad, lemon, and totally different dips, resembling tzatziki, hummus, or tahini salad.

Pilafi Pourgouri

Historically, Pilafi Pourgouri is a superb Greek/Cypriot dish to function a breakfast or as a aspect dish. The bottom of this candy or savory dish is bulgur, a grain that’s usually discovered within the Greek and Cypriot kitchen. The bulgur is cooked right into a porridge by boiling it in semi-skimmed milk. After it has was a porridge, sugar or honey is combined in to make it candy. The Cypriot model of Pourgouri is commonly savory, as a result of it’s cooked with tomato puree, onions and chopped pasta. You’ll usually discover Pourgouri as a aspect for meat dishes, resembling souvlaki or for seafood.


To finish their meal or have one thing candy with a pleasant cup of tea, Cypriots usually select baklava: a dish that brings all cultures on the island collectively. The origin of the primary baklava is unknown, as it’s a widespread dish in each Greece, Turkey and different Center-Japanese nations. There are a lot of sorts of baklava, however the most well-liked one is made by stacking a number of layers of phyllo-dough. Between the layers of dough, you’ll discover crushed nuts, sweetened with honey or syrup. It’s baked and minimize into bite-sized items. Every tradition has its distinctive methods of constructing baklava, however the Cypriot model has lemon juice and cinnamon integrated within the recipe.